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FloridaBackgroundChecks.com was created by seasoned experts in the background retrieval industry.  The site was started to give Florida residents, businesses and organizations a clear choice to perform their criminal background checks.  This site offers Instant Florida Criminal Background Checks and also county criminal background checks in all 67 counties within the state of Florida.

The Challenge: Florida criminal background checks (FL background checks) have been performed in the state of Florida for many years now.  However, unless you performed a criminal background check within a specific county within Florida you may not have found the complete record you may have been looking for.  Statewide criminal background checks in Florida have been available for over 15 years now, however these FL background checks were performed by querying databases with incomplete, inaccurate and out dated criminal history records.  Some criminal records would show only certain details of the person’s rap sheet (criminal record), and even less of the person’s characteristics like height, weight, eye color and build.  These prehistoric statewide criminal reports were unformatted, hard to read, difficult to understand and therefore almost impossible to use as part of some kind of screening process.

The Solution: Welcome to Florida Background Checks.com the new place to get intuitively formatted, comprehensive and robust Florida criminal reports. Florida background records are Florida public criminal records and include felony convictions. Order FL background checks today online through our site and be done with the incomplete, inaccurate and outdated Florida background searches available elsewhere online.  Order through us and start getting comprehensive, intelligently formatted, accurate and up to date Florida criminal background checks.

Background Check Florida: If you are located in the state of Florida and have a need for fast, accurate and easy to decipher Florida background checks, particularly Florida criminal background checks this site should satisfy your needs and requirements.  The criminal reports are also ideal for employment screening, tenant screening and background investigative purposes.

Background check Florida or background checks Florida refer to performing background checks in the state of Florida which through this site means conducting a Florida Criminal Background Check. A background check in Florida consists of a criminal history check, sex offender registry search, America’s most wanted list search and Terrorist database search all of which are public criminal records.