Florida Tenant Screening

Why performing a Background Check in Florida makes sense

Add Florida Criminal Background Checks to your Tenant Screening process and avoid renting to someone who could present danger to other residents or destroy your property.

Applicant screening otherwise known as tenant screening is the process of filtering out eligible renters from ineligible renters.  In the past running a credit check was the only form of tenant screening employed by landlords and apartment communities throughout the United States.  However, these days a new addition to this process is to perform a criminal background check on candidates along with a credit report.  Knowing that a potential resident can afford to live in your apartment is necessary and even essential, but running a criminal background check on a potential tenant can be equally essential.  Just because someone can afford the rent doesn’t help guarantee the safety of your community or protect you from damages to your property.  Running a background check in Florida (a state that has many regions with very high crime rates) makes extra sense when applying reason and logic to it.  Then after performing the background check the quest for a non-criminal, rent paying, worry free occupant becomes achievable.

Apartment managers, leasing agents and landlords should all conduct a background check in Florida before renting.  In the state of Florida where criminal records returned per criminal requests entered is substantially higher than other states in the country, it should be compulsory for landlords and apartment managers to perform a Florida Criminal Background Check as part of their tenant screening process.  It has been found that 7% of criminal requests in the state of Florida return criminal records found.  With a statistic like that it just doesn’t make sense to skip running a Florida Background Check before signing a lease with a new resident.  A thorough understanding of a potential renter’s history can greatly help with the decision making process and aid in the goal of providing a secure residential community for all your tenants.  The small costs associated with running a criminal background check will hardly be noticed on your financial reports, but the peace of mind, security and community safety it provides will lead to an overall profitable environment with good tenants that not only pay their rent on time, but also do not cause harm or destruction to others living around them or to your property itself.

Sex offenders pose a unique threat to apartment communities, especially those that house small children.  That is why Florida Criminal Background Checks should include the full 50-State National Sex Offender Search.  A sex offender search in each US State will give you maximum exposure and further ensure that if a sex offender had lived in a different state before coming to Florida, you will still get the criminal records of the sex offender or sexual predator no matter where they previously lived in the United States.  Sex offender records should provide details of the crime such as child molestation and a mug shot of the individual along with other identifiers, case details and information.

People performing Resident Screening for their vacant apartments and rental units in Florida should perform a Florida Criminal Check on the applicant prior to signing a lease and/or renting the unit.  A Florida Criminal Check will tell you if the applicant has been convicted of a crime in the state of Florida.  You can also conduct a National Criminal Check through this site which includes a Florida Criminal Check as part of it.

Order a Florida Criminal Background Check with a National Sex Offender Search now as part of your Tenant Screening